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Craveable Crust: Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza

Hi, it is Sa’Brielle here again! ?

I have a question for you, have you ever had the irresistible cravings of a freshly baked pizza with your favorite toppings? I mean a blazing hot pizza where the cheese just melts in your mouth? Well, look no further because Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza is the go-to spot to fulfill those cravings!

What was it like when you entered?

When you enter, the aroma from the Italian dishes fills the atmosphere which heightens your cravings even more. Once I entered, I was greeted by a sweet hostess who directed us to our seats. The ambiance of the restaurant is so inviting, you will feel right at home. They have booths and tables available for seating and a bar if you’re interested in some scrumptious drinks.

What are some of the menu options?

The menu features dishes that range from delicious appetizers, stone baked breads, gourmet pizzas and specialty pastas. They also have classic dishes such as cheeseburgers, wings and chicken sandwiches. Whatever your tummy desires once you enter, their menu options will be able to fulfill it.

What did you order? Did you enjoy your meal?

I was so ecstatic by the menu because everything looked and sounded so delicious when the waitress described them to me, I wanted to order one of everything! I decided to order ravioli frita as an appetizer and a large pepperoni explosion for the main course. The ravioli frita came out first, which is fried ravioli served with marinara and bistro sauce. When the waiter placed the dish on the table, my mouth began to water as I examined how the ravioli was fried to perfection. After I devoured the ravioli, she brought out the main course – the pepperoni explosion! This meal was an explosion, I felt like a pepperoni bomb detonated in my mouth with every bite I took.

Where is it located?

Piesanos has three locations in Gainesville, check them out here! If you are looking for a place to get some great Italian food or a classic dish, try Piesano’s. Tell them Sa’Brielle sent you!

When I’m not assisting residents I am exploring the sights, sounds, and delicious diners of Gainesville. Email me any time to learn more about Anthem House and all the exciting places nearby.