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The Florida Museum Butterfly Garden

An Enchanting Rainforest

Hello, Sa’Brielle here! I’m Anthem House’s leasing manager. ?

I am excited to say that Spring has finally sprung! It is a season that brings colorful flower blooms, warmer weather, and plenty of sunshine. If you are looking to capture these things all together, you should visit the Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit located at the Florida Museum. The Florida Museum is located at the University of Florida which offers exhibits, features, artifacts, and relics from ancient history.

Did I enjoy the Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit? I am so glad you asked!

The exhibit was breathtaking! Immediately when you enter, you are surrounded by a diverse range of colorful butterflies that flutter throughout the beautiful, tropical-like landscape. The sunlight beams through various angles of the exhibit to give off a gardenesque ambiance. Aside from the tropical greenery, the exhibit also featured waterfalls that surround the room with its oceanic echoes.  If you love taking pictures, there are quite a few areas for photo ops that feature vibrant plants and flowers; you may even get a photo bomb from a monarch butterfly!

What type of butterflies did you see?

Although I am not a butterfly expert, there was staff onsite to inform me of the various butterflies I came across. The exhibit featured over 50 butterfly species and more than 1,000 butterflies which the exhibit changes out regularly. The butterflies in the exhibit are raised on butterfly farms from across the globe and usually live two to five weeks. I was able to get a lot of photos of the butterflies up close and one even landed on me!

Take a visit to see the butterflies up close and personal!

If you love nature and are looking for something to do in the Gainesville area, you should take a trip to the Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit. You will be amazed at all the fun facts you will learn about our ancient history and the cool exhibits it features! For more information, please visit: Butterfly Rainforest – Exhibits (

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